Terms and definitions for Information Technology

http://www.whatis.com/ Excellent for general definitions and questions you may have.

http://webopedia.internet.com/Computer_Science/ Webopedia is great you have to keep digging and follow the advised links. Also an excellent site.

http://www.matisse.net/files/glossary.html Good for Internet terms.

http://www.global.com/methodtips.html Six excellent points for building information systems or software.

http://www.m-w.com/dictionary.htm An excellent on line dictionary. Be warned though this is not necessarily specific to Information Technology.

http://ntia.its.bldrdoc.gov/fs-1037/ Telecommunications: Glossary of Telecommunication Terms

Newsgroups are a great place to get and share information. If your Internet Service Provider does not support a newsgroup you want you can always to to

General Information Technology sites

http://www.hotsheet.com/ Hotsheet is a list of categorized Internet sites. Use it to help you find things. Especially useful are the meta search engines and the tech sections.

http://www.cnet.com/ Another good site is c|net an excellent source of up to date IT material.

http://www.cnet.com/Resources/Info/Glossary/index.html?st.cn.gp.ynav.gp This is a glossary at cnet

http://www.magmacom.com/~dsleeth/kids/lessons/starter.htm This is a good site for beginners or anyone who wants to make sure they know the basics.


On-line magazines

On-line magazines help you keep up with the latest IT news but buy/borrow a hardcopy occasionally not only are they a good source of software (most ship with CDs leave them at home please!) but the advertisements for hard ware and software are not usually in the online versions. You can learn a lot from just browsing or specific searching a magazine. Try to get hold of some old ones so you understand where IT has developed from.

Top 100 computer Magazines

Or go directly to the following, 

http://www.zdnet.com.au/ This covers PC Magazine and PC Week

http://www.winmag.com/default.htm Windows Magazine

http://www.pcuser.com.au/ PC User

http://www.ozemail.com.au/netchannels/computing_publications.html Other magazines are covered at this site. There are some other links here also.


http://www.computercraft.com/docs/secretguide.htmlThe Secret Guide to Computers by Russ Walter A good guide

http://www.dis.unimelb.edu.au/mm/hwtute/inside_the_computer_case/University of Melbourne site inside_the_computer_case


These sites have software that you can trial for free. The software is usually shareware which means you can use it for about a month.


The Curriculum Council

http://www.curriculum.wa.edu.au/ The Curriculum Council for West Australian High Schools.

Year 11 & 12 Subject Information

Information for Year 11 & 12 Students Is specifically for students.


Other teachers sites in Western Australia

Jim Fullers Yr 11 Information Systems page

An extremely useful site for Information Systems is by Mr. Leishman at Newman College http://www.newman.wa.edu.au/technology/12infsys/html/

General course material by Mr. Leishman at Newman College http://www.newman.wa.edu.au/technology/

A teacher in the South West Mr. Fuller, has an excellent rich pictures site http://www.southwest.com.au/~jfuller/phd_part.html

Resource Page for Teachers
Moria Curtain

Online tutorials




If you know of any sites that you found helpful e-mail me and let me know. I hope you found this page useful.


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