This is my downloads section. Here you will find an assortment of files I have collected over the years and stored on this server. Enjoy!

Avalanche 198KB Do you want to e-mail bomb someone? Then Avalanche is for you! Features include anonymous e-mail, random flame and much more. But most importantly its fast!
bleem 1.5a w/crack 2.49MB Use this emulator to play playstation CD's on your PC. The makers claim you don't need a 3D video card and only a Pentium 166, however I wouldn't consider that very playable.
ultrahle 171KB The best N64 emulator there is. Download the roms from somewhere else and you have an instant N64 on your computer. I don't have enough space on this server to store my roms, but I highly recommend Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. The only problem is that it uses glide, so you need a 3dfx video card, or a good 3D card and a glide wrapper.
tetrinet 385KB If you like tetris (or just have a really shit computer) then you can now play against your friends over a network or the Internet. This version also has special blocks that you can use to do various things to yourself or your opponents.
tntclk 48KB Do you have a TNT or TNT2 based video card? Then get this great utility to overclock it! I only have a normal TNT2 card, but its overclocked so that it's just as fast as the TNT2 Ultra model :) Make sure to read the instructions first though, so that you don't damage your card.
Pinwheel 21.5KB This is cool. Run this program and stare into the middle of the window for a while. Then quickly look at something else (like the back of your hand). It'll freak you out.
Official N.S.A. Psychiatrist 670KB Take this short quiz and answer truthfully. You'll be amazed by the accuracy of the result.
PhotoSplot 21.5KB This is what you do is second year computer science. I've made the project I did with Amra into an exe so you don't need a java compiler to run it. Basically, it's a really shit drawing program that allows you to draw pictures and save them in the unique ".oim" format. You can also open gif and jpeg images and draw on them, but you can only save them in ".oim" format.


Other cool things to download:

ICQ. A really cool program that allows you to chat and keep track of your friends whenever they are online. This is one of the best programs you can get, and a must have for all.

Winamp. The most popular mp3 player there is. This player has really good sound quality and there are heaps of different skins and plug-ins available. Download your favourite songs off the net and play them on this - but make sure to delete those mp3 files 24 hours after you get them. (heh heh heh... yeah, right!)

Go!Zilla. This is the best download manager I've come across - even better than GetRight. With this, you can resume downloading files if anything goes wrong along the way, as well as control the rate at which you down load a file, and find the quickest location to you a copy of the file is stored at. All this and much more!

Winzip. This is one of the most essential utilities there is. Use it to "zip" or "unzip" files whenever your moving them from one computer to another. It also allows files to be spanned across multiple floppy disks. You will need this to open some of the files downloaded from this page.

RealPlayer. A good multimedia player that allows you to watch and/or listen to realvideo and realaudio files. One of the best streaming players there is that easily integrates into your web browser.

Quicktime. One of the very few products made by Apple that is actually worth getting. You will need to get this to view quicktime movies that often appear on web sites.

Adobe Acrobat Reader. Another essential program if you want to view pdf documents. This is a pretty good standard that a lot of people around the world are using, and the best part is that its free!