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New Song 8 (in progress)  
New Song 9 Time, science and gravity.
New Song 10 Just because you have a belief...
New Song 11 Going Home.
New Song 12 Going Home 2
New Song 13 Hill's Hoist
New Song 14 Three seconds please.
New Song 15 Laying Pavers
New Song 16 Retirement
New Song 17 Crystal Ball


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Casual Man Transitioning from permanent to casual employment.
Naysayer To all of those people who talked me down.
The Aisle Song The larger supermarkets squeezing out the smaller ones.
Gonna Miss It's always hard saying goodbye.
Trashman Music to trash by.
Guilty Days Retail aggression.
  Join a Club The challenges of learning to ride a motorcycle.
  Static Is that how professional muso's see me?
  And Then There Was One A tune for my Mum.
  Timeless Free time.
  Window Shopping Good way to kill some time.
  Rolling Hills That's South Gippsland for you.
  Thoughts Just let your imagination run wild.
  Bulletproof In progress ...
  Kindilan My first 'Dobro' tune.
  Breakfast First meal of the day.
  Bad Back Blues Lower back pain can really change your lifestyle.
  Jamming Jamming at the Latrobe Valley Rhythm and Blues Club Video image
  Farmer John The joy of gardening
  There's Something Nice Remember the good times, sometimes that's all there is.
  Spud Man The best baked spuds around.
  The Day BeforeTomorrow My first Mandolin tune.
  Life's A Bitch My first Nord tune.
  The Most Beautiful Thing My daughters smile.
Such Is Life - Vol 1
  What's The Point I've run out of dreams!
  Watcha Gonna Do? Choices.
  Quiet Times The weak times.
  That's Why! Music sustains me.
  Open Mix Open-Mic's don't sustain me. An interview.
  Helpless Helpless ...
  Twinkle Twinkle Stars
  Cancellation Blues The down side of the muso business.
  End of an Era Lamenting the demise of live music.
  Sacred Place Places you shouldn't intrude in.
  I Don't Get Lonely I may be alone, but, I'm not lonely.
  Shuffle About Old age?
  Waiting For BOTSO Just like it's says.
  Highway The path to the city.
  One Percenters Sending peace and love.
  Don't Make Me Look Bad! A Chet Atkins quote.
  Stars At Night More stars.
  I'm Not In A Hurry Like it says.
  Shake Your Money Maker Elwood Blues Club Video image
  Born In Chicago Elwood Blues Club Video image
  Reeling In The Years Elwood Blues Club Video image
  Crazy Dreams We all dream.
  Thank Goodness Nearly lost this song, thank goodness I didn't.
  As The Crow Flies It's just over there.
  Built for Comfort Elwood Blues Club Video image
  White Room Elwood Blues Club Video image
  Two Wizards I knew it would happen!
Such Is Life - Vol 2
  Herding Cats Trying to lead a jam set.
  Slow Boat To China Could mean a lot of things.
  Earplugs A modern mystery
  Flying Virgin A recent trip
  Saturday Night Saturday Night Country
  Crazy Observations
  I Know You're Angry Oppression, it's closer than you think
  It's Cold Tonight Just like it used to be.
  Skin Exploitation of women is everywhere.
  I Don't Get Angry That's it.
  Dancing Bear I do things my own way.
  Dollar A Day Reworking of a railroad song
  Kindilan 2 2nd year at the Redlands Bluegrass Festival.
  Enough Time to close a project down.
  City Traffic Traffic in the city, wow.
  Is It Dawn or Dusk? Time can be confusing.
  Lets Stick Together Elwood Blues Club Video image
  Shake, Rattle and Roll Elwood Blues Club Video image
  Oh Honey Hush Elwood Blues Club Video image
  Johnny's Song Just a happy, humorous tune.
  Call The Shots Running a 'Jam'
  Kissing In The Dark Elwood Blues Club - Electric Double Bass Video image
  Before You Accuse Me Elwood Blues Club - Electric Double Bass Video image
  Sailing Very peaceful on the water.
  Too Many People The Earth just can't cope with the way we are abusing it.
Such Is Life - Vol 3
  Country Blues A bit of fun.
  On My Doorstep Nature watching.
  Long Time In memory of Colin Auld.
  I'm With Ken Ken's got the right idea.
  Gladiators We who are about to jam salute you.
  Vernal Equinox Planting time.
  The Devil's Spared Me Today A weight off my shoulders.
  Yoshi A wonderful companion.
  Moving On Onward and upward.
  Song 1 Elwood Blues Club - Rickenbacker Video image
  The Man The trails and tribulations of a begginer muso
  Fascination Ah musos, what a precious bunch of individuals
  Ain't Got The Blues Better days
  Pull Their Lives Apart When people die, what is their legacy?
  Where Did All That Time End Up? Lost time can never be recovered.
  From The Shoulders Playing hard.
  There It Goes Again! Telemarketers
  Nothing Is Perfect Nothing is perfect, make the most of what you have.
  Have Me As A Member Clubs, what an institution.
  I Just Don't Get it Wannabees
And As Such - Vol 1
  Different Drum Follow your own voice.
  Thank You Thanks for you support, you know who you are.
  Old South A wonderful South Australian Bluegrass band.
  On The Road to L.A. A recent road trip.
  L.A. to Bakersfield A music description of the drive from Los Angeles to Bakersfield.
  On Spirit Messages Sometimes messages just come out of the blue.
  Layla & Changing Channels Brisbane Steel Club
  A Good Day Nice melody.
  Blues Box Colours, boxes, nice slide.
  Days Like clockwork every day.
  The Last Wave A metaphor
  Crash Reality.
  People People.
  Nothing Lasts Forever Nothing does.
  Middle Distance A place where a lot of people look at.
  Tim's Song My last instrument created by Tim Kill.
  The Grass Keeps Growing It's a fact.
  Brisbane Bound Great trip.
  Chores Bit of fun.
  Before My Eyes Selective truths.
  Square Peg Fitting in.
  Happy It's all up to you.
  4DC Inspirational piece.
  Sometimes Sometimes
And As Such - Vol 2
  It's Just a Battle Open Mic's
  Retro Just not my scene.
  No Hard to please all the people all the time.
  Today Just wondering.
  I Wonder I wonder, I really do.
  I Don't Know I really don't.
  Boxes How to catergorise things.
  Oskar's Song Another 'happy face' I'll miss.
  Whistleblower Tough call.
  So We Both Lose Those boxes again.
  EBC Elwood Blues Club
  Cruising Shortcut to another world.
  Big Country Just love it.
  Castaway We're all disposable.
  Autumn That time of year.
  Raindrops Raindrops all over the place.
  Do You Hear What I Hear? The mixer man.
  Reflective Take a step back.
  Going Down Seems to be the way.
  Taller I heard this word somewhere recently.
  Blow Those Blues Away Enough, I'm stepping forward.
And As Such - Vol 3
  Been So Long It has, very long.
  Golden Years The final yeras.
  Zillmere Great times at the Brisbane Steel Club
  That's Fine Everything's just find
One Country One country, two nations.
  Cold Today Well, it is Winter.
  A Child Is Born Children growing up too fast.
  Surrounded By Turkeys Every now and then ...
  Just Pickin' Just a bit of fun.
  Crowds Make Me Nervous They sure do.
  I Really Miss I really do miss my departed pets.
  When I Die Preparing people for my end.
  Taylor Blues Taylor has some issues.
  Abandoned Time to move on from Taylor
  I Can't Play the Blues Respect, that's all there is to it.
  In An Instant Life can change in an instant.
  In Five Sometimes its five, sometimes its four.
  Who Am I In sense, who am I to challenge your beliefs.
  I've Got The Flu Sure have.
  Cajun I'm impressed.
  Ducks on a pond Ducks on a pond.
  Riding Down The Road A really good idea.
  Vote With Your Feet We all do it.
  Rehearsal Fun activity
  Oops, Wrong Band Made a mistake, it happens.
  Hardest Thing Really difficult to do sometimes.
  Glad I'm Going Home City driving is a pain.
  Nashville Fascinating creatures.
  Progress What progress?
  Why Do We Lie? I just don't get it.
  Blue Sky Boulders Out of the blue, whammy!
  Edge As we get older we lose our edge.
  Another Day Most days are followed by another day.
  Tired of Waiting Time to try another approach.
  I Still Have Good Days I do.
  Nothing To Say Nothing to complain about.
  Water Water, I like water.
  Path Through The Forest Nothing like a walk through the forest to clear your mind.
  Cull Getting rid of the past.
  Star Man My father was an avid astronomer.
  Monday Moonday
  Abandoned Nothing last forever.
  Tuesday Mars Day
  Jamming Jamming at the Elwood Blues Club. Video image
  Frozen Shoulder Yes, and it hurts!
  Simple Song Keep it simple.
  Just The Way It Is Acceptance.
  Update The never ending story.
  Same As The Last Song I prefer my music fresh and original.
  Take A Deep Breath Always the best policy.
  Tuesday Morning Tuesday morning, twilight time.
  Caveat Emptor Read the fine print.
  Wallhalla Lovely place.
  Ants In My Kitchen Home invasion.
  Sunday Morning Another morning song.
  Windy And Warm That's how it was this morning.
  Jamming Jamming at the Elwood Blues Club
  Sometimes Sometimes anything can happen.
  Surprise Believe it or not, I still get surprised.
  Bump In The Road Travelling to Melbourne and back a lot.
  Remind Myself It's the journey folks.
  Play Every Day The Music model has changed.
  In My Life A bit of fun.
  Technology Technology, a double edged sword.
  La Duff Up Bit of Blues.
  Dog Next Door Woof, woof!
  What The Song Is About What is that song all about?
  What Do You Do? What do you do?
  Painted Painted myself into a corner.
  Play The Music I play the music that's inside my head.
  Rain Love the sound of the rain.
  The Sky Is The Limit Lots of stars out there.
  Let Down Check the gig guide first.
  Sunshine On A Sunny Day Quality Time
  Here And There Dividing My Time.
  Lock 11 Lovely Tranquil place.
  Taking It Back Today Nikon's P900 camera.
  Choices We all make choices.
  Bell Curve So, are you normal?
  I Don't Like You You know who you are.
  Day To Myself Doesn't happen often.
  Rooms Which city am I in?
  Waiting Just waiting.
  Another Day With You Don't take days for granted.
  Seventies Difficult chance meetings.
  Parallel World I think I live there.
  Hit Collision with a kangaroo.
  Can't Be Hurt When you're young you're bulletproof.
  It Happens More hit then miss these days.
  Father's Do That Being a father is a full time job
  Rhythm and Blues Moving from R&B to A Capella choir singing.
  Been Here Before Yes I have and I don't like it!
  Thought I'd Write A Song Some people think instrumentals are worthless.
  Some People Two races occupying the same land.
  Nowhere What happens to people that follow false religions?
  Make It Better do things while you can.
  Empathy Sometimes empathy is not a good thing.
  Other Side Two sides to every story.
  Bountry Is it Country or is it Bluegrass?
  Today 2 Taking it easy today.
  Country Song I like well played Country.
  Missing You Life becomes difficult when you miss the one you love.
  Saved Not me, one of my guitars needed saving.
  Tax Time Time to do my tax return for the previous year.
  Democracy Not every one gets they want using the democratic procedure.
  Riddled Groups are rarely homogenous.
  Political Games We need another form of government.
  Memories Glad I did things when I could.
  Hazelwood Hazelwood Power Station, I remember it this way.
  Cavern Interesting environment to perform in.
  Farewell Missing Hazelwood Power Station
  Crazy 2 Moving on, again.
  Nice Nice song/tune.
  Quiet Day After the storm it was a quiet day.
  Miscellania 1 The bits and pieces of ordinary life.
  Miscellania 2 The bits and pieces of ordinary life.
  Miscellania 3 The bits and pieces of ordinary life.
  Miscellania 4 Quiet tonight. x
  Miscellania 5 Old PC?
  Miscellania 6 Stormy night.
  Miscellania 7 Bump
  Miscellania 8 Mousey, mousey, mousey.
  Miscellania 9 Ummm ...
  Miscellania 10 Wildlife ...
  Miscellania 11 Events ...
  Miscellania 12 Shopping
  Miscellania 13 NBN
  Miscellania 14 You have my number, call me!?
  Miscellania 15 We all have opinions, no need to get angry.
  Miscellania 16 My problem.
  Miscellania 17 At peace.
  Miscellania 18 Scotch fingers or Lemon tea?
  Miscellania 19 Strings.
  Miscellania 20 I like it here.
  Miscellania 21 Updates.
  Miscellania 22 Paths ...
  Miscellania 23 Politics.
  Miscellania 24 Pebbles
  Miscellania 25 Motorcycles and rain.
  Miscellania 26a Waiting, possibly forever.
  Miscellania 27 Ah! So that's why.
  Miscellania 28 Life's not meant to be easy.
  Miscellania 29 New things.
  Miscellania 30 Nice here.
  Miscellania 31 An offer.
  X 1 The past . Start of the X series of songs.
  X 2 Gears.
  X 3 Black clouds, always menacing.
  X 4 Really Good place to be
  X 5 Different point of view.
  X 6 Freedom.
  X 7 Humanise.
  X 8 We live in interesting times.
  X 9 The masses.
  X 10 (For Greg) Song for Greg.
  X 11 Be at peace.
  X 12 Took a fall.
  X 13 I'm interested in new music.
  X 14 Some people need to belong.
  X 15 Dogs to the left, dogs to the right.
  X 16 Lady Penelope
  X 17 Bifocal Sea Cook
  X 18 No setlist, no microphone.
  X 19 Another day.
  X 20 Special offer.
  X 21 Noise
  X 22 Bands
  X 23 Different paths
  X 24 Winter.
  X 25 Time with you.
  X 26 I had a dream.
  X 27 RUOK?
  X 28 Never coming back.
  X 29 If it walks like a duck ...
  X 30 Quality time.
  X 31 Takes the wind right out of my sails.
  X 32 Kites in the wind.
  X 33 Taking it easy.
  X 34 GPS
  X 35 History always repeats
  X 36 Spring has sprung
  X 37 Wobbly leg
  X 38 Cold this year.
  X 39 We need a leader
  X 40 New guitar
  X 41 UPS
  X 42 Soaring
  X 43 Good Days
  X 44 I know who I am.
  Y 1 Just being there.
  Y 2 Rights.
  Y 3 Instrumentals/Speechless.
  Y 4 Bad, bad dream .
  Y 5 War.
  Y 6 Ideology.
  Y 7

New Years Eve.

  Y 8 Styles.
  Y 9 Opportunities.
  Y 10 Cancelled gig.
  Y 11 Climate Change.
  Y 12 Dream Jamming.
  Y 13 Sixty Five.
  Y 14 Raindrops.
  Y 15 Fads.
  Y 16 (in progress)
  Y 17 Living here in Churchill.
  Y 18 Paths.
  Y 19 A gentle tune.
  Y 20 Sometimes it's best to wait.
  Y 21 Song for Peter.
  Y 22 Computer crash and rebuild.
  Y 23 Hey Santa.
  Y 24 ISP Blues.
  Y 25 Countdown to Cowes.
  Y 26 Want to be.
  Y 27 Facebook.
  Y 28 Suits/Deception.
  Y 29 Home.
  Y 30 Flowers
  Y 31 Autumn Waltz.
  Y 32 Telesomatic.
  Y 33 (For Phil) Phil Emmanuel will be sadly missed.
  Y 34 ARC Yinnar.
  Y 35


  Y 36 Bad Back Blues #2
  Y 37 Hyperlinks.
  Y 38 Winter
  Y 39 Computer issues.
  Y 40 One Step Ahead.
  Y 41 Fitness.
  Y 42 Poisoned.
  Y 43 Long, long road.
  Y 44 La da da da ...
  Y 45 Wistful.
  Y 46 Automation.
  Y 47 Religion.
  Y 48 Tinnitus.
  Y 49 Take Cre Of Yourself.
  Y 50 Certainty.
  Y 51 Nature Doesn't Care.
  Y 52 Clouds.
  Y 53 Climax.
  Y 54 Another Saturday Night.
  Y 55 Let's Play!
  Y 56 Nearly Sunday.
  Y 57 Political Games.
  Y 58 Kookaburra.
  Y 59 Mirror.
  Y 60 ... ill's
  Y 61 Philosophers, Social Media and Nomads.
  Y 62 Peaceful In The Valley.
  New Song 1 Deep Voice.
  New Song 2 You sure about that?
  New Song 3

Sure it is!

  New Song 4 (in progress)
  New Song 5 Just Lookin'
  New Song 6 (in progress)
  New Song 7 Pretty Good Day Thanks.
  New Song 8  
  New Song 9 Time, science and gravity.
  New Song 10 Just because you have a belief ...
  New Song 11 Going Home.
  New Song 12 Going Home 2.
  New Song 13 Hill's Hoist.
  New Song 14 Three seconds please.
  New Song 15 Laying Pavers.
  New Song 16 Retirement.
Latest Song New Song 17 Crystal Ball

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