John Mazur's Original Songs

Last update: 20th of June 2016.



I never quite understood why artists recorded other artists songs. As a musician it seemed such a cop out. Sure, it was the quickest way to make a buck, as someone else had already done all of the work of selling the song and you are being carried along on their coat-tails.

As such, I have always recorded my own material. By doing this I have made it hard on myself, as now I have to do all the work to sell the song. Well, I differ here too. I don't write songs in such a way as to sound like other peoples songs. That's made it harder. I also tend to write songs about my experiences, so the songs have a blog trend to them, I am actually blogging my life and as such the songs are chronological in order.

I have watched people pick up my CD's at events and look puzzled as they don't recognise the titles. They then slowly put the CD down and walk away. Thrillseekers!

Even though the songs are about me, I am sure everyone can relate to my experiances. So in a way they are not that different, but they do require you to make the effort lo listen the the music and the words. They both tell a story.

I started composing songs in the early 1970's and just haven't stopped. My songs do tell a story and I write in a form that is conversational, like me talking to you.

I use YouTube to host the videos and lately SoundCloud to host the audio.

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