John Mazur's Original Songs

Such Is Life - Vol 1

Track LIsting

Song Name
Casual Man Transitioning from permanent to casual employment.
One of business that I was employed with decided I had to go, but, weren't prepared to sack me, hence started the very negative campaign of 'encouraging' me to leave.
Techniques like bullying, being ignored, not given work, made to look less than my peers, the list goes on
Start of the worst part of my life.
Naysayer To all of those people who talked me down.
People who know will most likely seen that I'm a bit of an oddball and see things differently. You only have one life, so I followed my heart and did what seemed right for me. That's when you find out who the naysayers are. They don't like people rocking their boat.
The Aisle Song The larger supermarkets squeezing out the smaller ones.
I know that's how society is heading, but I find supermarkets unpleasant places to go to. I prefer the 'old days' when shops weren't connected together and lined the sides of the street. Far more civilised and less hetic.
Gonna Miss It's always hard saying goodbye.
Having to say goodbye to one of your animal friends is just so hard, but it has to be done to save them suffereing.
Trashman Music to trash by.
Simple song about taking at the rubbish/recyclables. to the curb weekly. We all do and we all pay for the servive whether we use it or not.
Guilty Days Retail aggression.
The way the big chains make you feel guilty about 'Special Days'. They find lots of ways to make you feel guilty so that you are pressured into buying stuff that you don't need.
Join a Club The challenges of learning to ride a motorcycle.
Static Is that how professional muso's see me?
These days it's harder than ever to .win a gig'. With a lot of the venues closing down, especially the big ones, bigger name acts have to look further down the 'food chain'. As a consequence this pushes out the less bigger acts and so on.
Looking for gigs I often check out their gig guide and am astounded by how many big acts are performing at tiny venues.
And Then There Was One A tune for my Mum.
With the passing of my Mother another burden was added to my shoulders. My Father had passed years earlier, so it came to me to dispose of the family home.
It was really an act of destruction. I had to pick what I could reasonably save and turf the rest. Very hard to do. I was pulling all that they had worked for to pieces leaving no trace that they had ever existed.
A life lesson that none of us can avoid..
Timeless Free time.
Song about my Casual employment and the hopelessness it brings.
" ... who knows, we may find a job for you. ..."
Window Shopping Good way to kill some time.
Simple little instrumental featuring my metal Dobro.
Rolling Hills That's South Gippsland for you.
This is a very old song, not chronolgical at all. Sort of medieval falvoured with the harpsichord and flute prominent in the mix..
Thoughts Just let your imagination run wild.
Another very old song. Make of it what you will.
Kindilan My first 'Dobro' tune.
I attended the Redlands Bluegrass Festival held at a scout camp named Kindilan Outdoor Education and Conferance Centre. A wonderful place in suburbia that is set in the original bushland. Kindiland appears to be an Aboriginal word meaning 'Place of joy'.
I was inspired to compose this piece.
Many months later I received an email from the principal telling me how much she enjoyed the piece. Always good to get feedback.
Breakfast First meal of the day.
Bad Back Blues Lower back pain can really change your lifestyle.
I have an issue with my lower back that flares up and really knocks me out for a week or so. Seems to be a muscle thin and just needs time to rest and recover, which means being in bd for some time. My world just stops.
The thing that gets me is that it happens after the most ordinary events. It's like I've been lifting something heavy, it's things like just bending over or getting out of the car. Scary stuff.
Farmer John The joy of gardening
I try and grow some vegetables and have very mixed results. I gave myself the title "Farmer John' which confuses some people as I don't live on a farm.
There's Something Nice Remember the good times, sometimes that's all there is.
When you're feeling down, there always little things that 'lift you'
Spud Man The best baked spuds around.
Located in the car park just below the McDonalds car park in Morwell where there are some shops.
Two men (Graham and Brad) on rotation set up on the weekends and serve baked potatoes.
Best in the world.
The Day BeforeTomorrow My first Mandolin tune.
Life's A Bitch My first Nord tune.
Written after I thought my daughter had died. The lowest point in my life.
The Most Beautiful Thing My daughters smile.
The most beautiful thing about my daugher: Her smile.