John Mazur's Original Songs

Such Is Life - Vol 2

Track LIsting

Song Name
What's The Point I've run out of dreams!
I'd reached the point in my life when I just didn't see a future. I had no purpose.
Watcha Gonna Do? Choices.
Yes, what was I going to do faced with no future? Fortunately I'm still here. A little worse for wear but still here.
Quiet Times The weak times.
When you're busy your mind is occupied. Bit in the quiet times your mind does wander and that's the dangerous time.
That's Why! Music sustains me.
Open Mix Open-Mic's don't sustain me. An interview.
Had a gut full of open-mics and they way musicians are exploited.
Helpless Helpless.
Sometimes you wish you could wrap up your loved one in coton wool to protect them from the world because you have no control over the situation.
Twinkle Twinkle Stars.
You don't have to explain starts, they just are.
Cancellation Blues The down side of the muso business.
This song came about due to a gig cancellation a few hours before the gig was due to start. No explanation and no follow up gigs.
End of an Era Lamenting the demise of live music.
Sacred Place Places you shouldn't intrude in.
There are some places we hold sacred, we all have them. That space is tabboo to outsiders. Someone stepped in my sacred place and I was not pleased.
I Don't Get Lonely I may be alone, but, I'm not lonely.
Shuffle About Old age?
Waiting For BOTSO Just like it's says.
I had arrived early for rehersal and was just killing time when I thought I'd write about the event.
Highway The path to the city.
One Percenters Sending peace and love.
Don't Make Me Look Bad! A Chet Atkins quote.
Chet said this to Mark Knopfler on the Neck to Neck album when Mark really 'cut loose'.
One of my favourite albums. Not angry, no competition between players, fantastic guitar lines and a low energy level.
Stars At Night More stars.
I'm Not In A Hurry Like it says.
Crazy Dreams We all dream.
Thank Goodness Nearly lost this song, thank goodness I didn't.
A happy song. The title comes from nearly losing the song when the DAW crashed. Thank goodness for backups.
As The Crow Flies It's just over there.
As the crow flies is the shortest distance between two places.
Two Wizards

I knew it would happen!
B.O.T.S.O. (Brunswick Old Time String Orchestra) was essential a realisation of a 'what if' comment. Most likely at a coffee shop after a gig and they were just floating ideas. What if we could get a big band togther, we could rehearse , we would call the shots and then charge the attendees admission.

The Two Wizards are:

  • Andy Baylor, and,
  • Brian Stratting and his partner Lyndal Chambers.

I've worked with BS and LC in the past and they have instilled in me a loating for anything Celtic.
Andy Baylor on the other hand is a wordly musician who likes, jazz, swing, old time and Southern U.S.A. music. In a nutshell, very attractive musically.

As these things unfold AB had to move to Sydney, leaving me with BS and LC. I really had to push myself to hang in as all of the things I liked were gone.
The attendees were good people and I enjoyed mixing with them.