John Mazur's Original Songs

Such Is Life - Vol 3

Track LIsting

Song Name
Herding Cats

Trying to lead a jam set.
The major problem with a 'jam' is that it rarely works as a cohesive collection of musicians. Most members are there to blaze away at the expense of everyone else. If there isn't a recognisable leader, then members just go for it, no rules.
In particular I was in a jam and the singer called to solos. Unfortunately she forgot one of the members and shut down the song. The passed member literally blew a fuse and demanded to know where his solo time had disappeared and launched back into the song for his solo. Ego's, tread carefully.

Slow Boat To China Could mean a lot of things.
Earplugs A modern mystery.
Earplugs! Some use them, some don't, some don't have a clue how to use them or even why they use them. Another mystery. You need to ask yourself as an audience member, if the band are wearig earplugs and they are behind the P.A., what are our ears being subjected to? On an industrial site H&A would have the site shut down.
Flying Virgin A recent trip.
Saturday Night Saturday Night Country.
Saturday Night Country on the ABC, listen to the program quite regularly. It's a bit stereotyped and does favour some artists over others, but it's still a good listen.
Crazy Observations.
You meet all sorts of people at open-mics and some people are really frustrated and just go nuts on stage. This is the story of one of them
I Know You're Angry Oppression, it's closer than you think .
A near lifetime of oppression doesn't make for a very good life. I'm glad my mother didn't die angry. If there is a next life, I hope it's like the image.
It's Cold Tonight Just like it used to be.
Finally a winter like it used to be, cold! We've had it easy for too long.
Skin Exploitation of women is everywhere.
It's true. but women have a part to play as well. Women are a strange bunch, if a woman wears a bikini to the beach no problem. Catch a woman in her underwear and all hell breaks loose. What is going in in their heads, you can't have it both ways.
I Don't Get Angry That's it.
It's interesting to reach a point to reach where you just don't respond. No happy, no sad, nothing. I've been through a lot of trauma and my emotions have just vanished.
Dancing Bear I do things my own way.
I just don't like doing 'shows', just for the entertainment value. My preference is for listening to well played/presented music, no show. Dressing up like a clown, jumping about and regrgitating the past just makes me shudder.
Dollar A Day Reworking of a railroad song.
The business that I was euphamistically 'employed at' paid me a dollar a day in an effort for me to 'move on'.
Kindilan 2 2nd year at the Redlands Bluegrass Festival.
I mostly had a good time except for a rather aggressice 'Bluegrass Police' incident. This really set a seed growing that turned out me not attending any of these festivals. It only takes one!
Enough Time to close a project down.
There comes a time when you need to close down a project. I've pushed this project far enough. (refer to above.)
City Traffic Traffic in the city, wow.
Commuting to the city is an interesting experience, especially when you have to be a at a place at a certain time.
Tried to attend a BOTSO event and arrived just in time to see the members walking out. Lot of effort for nothing.
Is It Dawn or Dusk? Time can be confusing.
When you don't have anywhere to be time can be confusing. If you decide to take a nap just because you can and wake up later and the light is low, is it dawn or dusk?
Johnny's Song Just a happy, humorous tune.
Just a play on words. Just like Johnny Farnham turned into John Farnham.
Call The Shots Running a 'Jam'.
Running a 'Jam' is an exercise in queueing theory.
Sailing Very peaceful on the water.
It's a wonderful experience being on the water.
Too Many People The Earth just can't cope with the way we are abusing it.
Time to wipe the slate clean. We're just too smart for our own good.