John Mazur's Original Songs

And As Such - Vol 1

Track LIsting

Song Name
Country Blues A bit of fun.
This song has been around for awhile, but it's still good.
On My Doorstep Nature watching.
I wrote this after watching summer thunderstorms roll by sitting on the front porch. Awesome things.
Long Time In memory of Colin Auld.
Colin Auld was Stoned's second drummer and what a powerhouse he was. The lineup was me, Peter Cook and Colin Auld and the comradre amd music was simply the best ever. We only lasted about two years but they were great years. Proud to have been apart of it.
Sadly Colin lost his life in a moorcycle incident. It wasn't an accident, I suspect a car ran him off the road.
Sadly missed.
I'm With Ken Ken's got the right idea.
Ken was a fantastic guitarist who used to show up at The Elwood Blues Club and blast the cobwebs off the wall. Ken had a sort tollerance for BS and was just there to blaze.
Gladiators We who are about to jam salute you.
Performing in a jam is like being a gladiator and giving praise the Caesar. (The House Band)
Vernal Equinox Planting time.
When there are equal hours of day and night.
The Devil's Spared Me Today A weight off my shoulders.
I finally cut the ties with the past that held me back. Moving forward.
Yoshi A wonderful companion.
The death of my last cat, a very sad day. She will be sorely missed.
Moving On Onward and upward.
Finally freed of the past I'm moving on.
The Man The trails and tribulations of a begginer muso.
It's amusing to see new musicians take to the stage. They seem to think that by dropping a name here and there they can gain credibility. Sorry folks it doesn't work that way.
Fascination Ah musos, what a precious bunch of individuals
It's a fascinating thing to sit back and watch musicians do their thing.
Ain't Got The Blues Better days
The years in the wilderness are over and that's a good thing.
Pull Their Lives Apart When people die, what is their legacy?
Everything comes to an end and when it's your parents lives then you get a real education. What's their legacy? My Dad used to worry about his legacy and not be forgotten.
Where Did All That Time End Up? Lost time can never be recovered.
During our life there will be times when we lose contact with those we care for. That time is lost!
From The Shoulders Playing hard.
There seems to be a lot of angry musos out there. Not sure why, but I prefer a more mellower approach.
In Beethoven's time, piano players that didn't play with just their fingers but their whole arm were deemed as playing from the shoulder.
It simply amazes me that a Martin player or some other such quality guitar is played with such force that the guitar is overloaded and sounds terrible.
There It Goes Again! Telemarketers.
You have to admire the tenacity of those Telemarketers. I'd have given up a long time ago.
My answering machine speaks for me.
Nothing Is Perfect Nothing is perfect, make the most of what you have.
I sort of like the Japanese Garden approach. You spens hour upon hour raking the stones into perfect place. Once this is achieved, the raker makes a deliberate mistake to show that nothing is perfect.
Nothing lasts from the ravages of time, nothing!
Have Me As A Member Clubs, what an institution.
I've had a difficult time with clubs over the decades and completely agree with Groucho's famous reply. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all got along and support each other. Leave the ego's at the door and just lend a hand.
I Just Don't Get it Wannabees.
With all this new dangfangled technology, people actually think that they are performers. They dress up, buy expensive instruments and really don't have enough talent yet think they are fantastic. I don't think so!
They are deluded.