John Mazur's Original Songs

And As Such - Vol 2

Track LIsting

Song Name
Different Drum Follow your own voice.
We all have a natural rhythm and it's bound to happen that some rhythms don't go together. Persnally, I like the music I resonate to!
Thank You Thanks for you support, you know who you are.
When times are hard you remember those who stepped up and supported you.
I was talking with a muso who reached out to a fellow muso who had just lost his mother and he was the last one left. He'd invite him to his house where they would share an evening and play some music. That's a good thing.
I lost my mother about the same time and it was just me too. Did I get and invite, no. You remember these things.
Several people did step up and I was most grateful for their companionship.
Old South A wonderful South Australian Bluegrass band.
Song about a South Australian Bluegrass Band who are all gentleman.
On The Road to L.A. A recent road trip.
Driving from Seattle to Los Angeles. Fist time I heard Jerry Douglas live, what a treat. I heard him the next night as well.
L.A. to Bakersfield A music description of the drive from Los Angeles to Bakersfield.
A musical journey travelling from Los Angeles to Bakersfield. You have to drive through Tejon Pass in the Tehachapi Mountains. Quite a piece of engineering and a wonderful sight amd view as you ascend and descend the pass.
On Spirit Messages Sometimes messages just come out of the blue.
Sometimes you get messages out of the blue. This is in relation to my daughter who just seems to send random messages at random times Can be a bit disconcerting.
A Good Day Nice melody.
I've had a lot of good days lately and no doubt there will be more in the future.
Blues Box Colours, boxes, nice slide.
First verse is just about colours, second verse is about how society clips your wings, then it's just slide fun.
Days Like clockwork every day.
Days are used as a metaphor for a lot of things. You get a new one each day.
For me, a day starts when I get out of bed, be that in the moring or the afternoon.
The Last Wave A metaphor
I often use surfing as a metaphor to describe an event that has a start and a finish, like riding a wave. What if there were no more waves?
Crash Reality.
Song about my first motorcycle crash. Luckily it was not serious but I did have to straighten out the bike and wait for a few ribs to heal. I think I was phsically at a very low point in my life. Four days earlier I had written off my car. Not the best of times.
People People.
People, people, everywhere. Just too many people.
Nothing Lasts Forever Nothing does.
Our society teaches us that we can live forever, sadly that's not the case. We have lots of examples of perfect worlds that go on forever. It's simply not true. Live each day as best you can.
Middle Distance A place where a lot of people look at.
After trauma it is not uncommon for people to stare into the middle distaance. They're not looking at anything, just trying to make sense of things.
This time I used a Paul Beard Road-O-Phonic slide resonator, sweet. Has a lovely voice.
Tim's Song

I had thought that was to be my last instrument and wanted something special.
I've never been in the position of having a guitar built to my specifications, so this was my chance. I spoke with James Cargill about what I wanted to do and offered TIm Kill's name. Tim had been an apprentice to James.
I told Tim I wanted an acoustic resonator guitar with three things:

  • A square neck.
  • Wooden.
  • Tri-cone.

All Tri-cones that I have ever seen have an enormous amount of metal on the front. I didn't want that, I just to see the wood on the top of the guitar. You can't buy something like this off the shelf.

Tim took a year and delived a wonderful instrument.

The Grass Keeps Growing It's a fact.
This time of year with the extra rain and sunshine 'The grass keeps growing'.
Brisbane Bound Great trip.
Riding the bike to Brisbane and back. All sorts of weather and conditions. Hot, cold, rainy, great trip.
Chores Bit of fun.
Fun song about nothing serious.
Before My Eyes Selective truths.
It's hard to know what to believe these days. We're not told lies but the whole truth is rarely told. Read, read and then read some more.
Square Peg Fitting in.
I had a Square Peg moment the other night.
I was an act on the Stratford Singer/Songwriter night and attracted the ire of the time monitor, who interrupted me mid sentence to proclaim I had used up half of my tme. I had two choices, start packing up or play a few songs. I played a few songs.
Last time I have attended.
Happy It's all up to you.
Happy! It's a good place to be. At the end of the day only you can make yourself happy. DO IT!
4DC Inspirational piece.
Ever had a song go round and round your head and just won't quit. Well this is one of them and had to record it to 'put it to sleep'. Daniel Calabro inspired me to do this with one of his infectious melodies. As is often the case when you pull apart a song you discover the essence of it. I could hear the 'Blues' in it and really didn't know why. IMHO these chords are the first chords to the Jimi Hendrix song Little Wing and that's where it sits.
Sometimes Sometimes
Trauma and the past sometimes just bubble up. Need to resolve them.