John Mazur's Original Songs

And As Such - Vol 3

Track LIsting

Song Name
It's Just a Battle Open Mic's
My on going rant about the open-mic trade.
Retro Just not my scene.
Because I'm not a 'show' type of guy, I just fail to uderstand the attraction of playing old songs. It just shows no imagination.
Every song that is popular started off as a new song. I'm for new songs.
No Hard to please all the people all the time.
Three takes of the same song in different styles. Non of them make the cut.
Today Just wondering.
Just wondering what you're doing today daughter of mine.
I Wonder I wonder, I really do.
I Don't Know I really don't.
I don't know a lot of things, however I do the best that I can.
Boxes How to catergorise things.
For ease of handling everything is boxed in some way. People, music, etc.
Oskar's Song Another 'happy face' I'll miss.
One of my daughters dogs died during the night and we'll both miss him. He was a Chihuahua with 'litle mans' syndrome. He was good fun enjoyed playing with him.
He knew whenever I showed up at my daughters place and got all excited even before I made it through the front door.
Whistleblower Tough call.
When you see evidence of 'bad' things, what do you do? Do you shut up and let it happen or do you stand up and challenge them. In the case of the latter be prepared for a very rocky road, you will have no friend, you might as well quit your job, no one will accept you again.
So We Both Lose Those boxes again.
This all started when I sat down at an informal meeting of the Ulysses Club as I'd done for weeks. This week was different, the president read my the riot act: Join the club or leave. I left, so we both lose.
EBC Elwood Blues Club
Song I wrote about the Elwood Blues describing the members of the house band.
They used to be at the Greyhoud Hotel but have since moved on.
Cruising Shortcut to another world.
Just love riding my motorcycle, it's just another world.
Big Country Just love it.
We have a lovely country, we are just so privileged to live here. Yes we have indigenous issues and that tarnishes things a little.
Castaway We're all disposable.
When your contract is up you are cast away. The days of loyalty are well and truly over.
Autumn That time of year.
Raindrops Raindrops all over the place.
Do You Hear What I Hear? The mixer man.
Whatever you do, never get on the wrong side of the mixer man. He has the power to destroy you on stage or make you shine. You need to respect each other to make things work.
The mixer man's motto: It is simply impossible to please all the people all the time, so there.
Reflective Take a step back.
Sometimes it's good to stand back a little to see what's going on.
Going Down Seems to be the way.
Taller I heard this word somewhere recently.
Just a working title.
Blow Those Blues Away Enough, I'm stepping forward.
I've reached the stage in my life when I just don't play in any recognisable style except slower.
There is this cultural appropriation problem as well. Just because we can sing it doesn't mean we should. Some songs belong to certain cultures and it's their song. It's inappropriate to sing it outside their culture.
The almighty dollar talks louder than culture and that's a shame, we are poorer for it.