Original Songs - X Series

Last updated: 6th December 2017




Enjoying music.

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I've decided not to name these songs, I'm going to leave it up to you.
Listen to the song and give it name that means something to you

This series of songs is complete. You'll find newer songs in the new Y series. .

Songs, just songs.

Latest songs
X 36 Spring has sprung
X 37 Wobbly leg
X 38 Cold this year
X 39 We need a leader
X 40 New Guitar
X 41 UPS
X 42 Soaring
X 43 Good days
X 44 I know who I am.


CD Title
X 1 The past.
X 2 Gears.
X 3 Black clouds, always menacing.
X 4 Really good place to be.
X 5 Different point of view.
X 6 Freedom.
X 7 Humanise.
  X 8 We live in interesting times.
  X 9 The masses
  X 10 Song for Greg.
  X 11 Be at peace.
  X 12 Took a fall.
  X 13 I'm interested in new music.
  X 14 Some people need to belong
  X 15 Dogs to the left, dogs to the right.
  X 16 Lady Penelope
  X 17 Bifocal Sea Cook
  X 18 No setlist, no microphone.
  X 19 Another day.
  X 20 Special offer.
  X 21 Noise
  X 22 Music business.
  X 23 Different Paths
  X 24 Winter.
  X 25 Time With You.
  X 26 I had a dream.
  X 27 RUOK?
  X 28 Never coming back.
  X 29 If it walks like a duck ...
  X 30 Quality time.
  X 31 Takes the wind right out of my sails.
  X 32 Kites in the wind.
  X 33 Taking it easy
  X 34 GPS
  X 35 History always repeats
  X 36 Spring has sprung.
  X 37 Wobbly leg.
  X 38 Cold this winter.
  X 39 We Need a Leader
  X 40 New Guitar
  X 41 UPS
  X 42 Soaring.
  X 43 Good Days
Latest Song X 44 I know who I am.


  This is the end of the X Series of songs. Find newer songs in the Y Series.