Bits and Pieces

An ongoing project is to finish the 'Oldies' CD. I'm about half way there and making progress. I'm not working to a timetable, I'll finish it off when I get around to it.

My lap slide repertoire is expanding and I have 2 hours of material. The arrangements are becoming more complicated as I become more proficient with the instrument.

I've just received two videos from Homespun, 'Essential Techniques for Dobro' presented by Rob Ickes. They are both 74 minutes in length and are the best teaching videos I have bought so far. Heaps of practical advice.

I've bought a Samick Telecaster copy and have had the action raised so it's more suitable for slide work. I may use it in my normal/electric sets and see how that goes. I found judging the volume of the De Gruchy difficult when I amplify it because the sound from the guitar swamps the sound coming out of the PA. Maybe the electric will give me some more scope?


Lachlan Deer, Hamish Davidson and me at the Maldon Folk Festival