Harrietville 2000

Attended half of the the Harrietville Bluegrass Convention and had a great time. Thank goodness for finger/thumb picks and a slide. Because of these devices I don't have blisters on my fingers. Laurie Grundy roped me into performing with the Porepunkah Bluegrass Band at the Sunday night farewell concert and then later on at the bar. Laurie sure knows how to crack that whip!

It was good to catch up with all those friendly folk who attend the convention not to mention all the acoustic lap steel (ALS) players who attend like Garry Brown, Quentin Fraser and Ray ?. There aren't any ALS players in the Latrobe Valley or even close by, so I really value spending time, trading experiences and advice with them. Laurie will be pleased to know that I can use thumb picks now instead of a plectrum.

I was quite impressed with Joe Newberry who was one of the imported guests at the convention. Joe made it look oh so easy and didn't have to play at a machine-gun rate to impress.