Maldon Folk Festival 2000

Spent Saturday and Sunday busking at the Maldon Folk Festival and had a great time. The weather was just perfect. The rain held off until a few moments after I had packed all of my gear into the car. Yup, just perfect. Caught up with stacks of people and won a few more to my style of music. I'm glad to report that the event is still acoustic at least as far as the music on the street is concerned.

I had a good chat with a local muso who plays slide guitar and even makes them. He told me that he was friends with Bryan De Gruchy who made my slide resonator guitar. I learnt a few more facts about the instrument and who was making them now. No need to buy a Dobro when you can buy an Australian made product.

I was quite impressed at the imagination displayed by a street performer who played matador with the passing traffic and even hijacked a car. Who knows what the poor drivers thought?