Queenscliff Music Festival (2000)

Spent the Sunday busking at the Queenscliff Music Festival and appeared to have been the only busker there. The sea mist was still over the town and that gave it an eerie look. I set up in front of a Real Estate agents shop and serenaded the customers sitting at the tables outside an Italian restaurant that was situated next door. Had lots of good feedback, sold a few CD's and chatted with the people interested in the instruments I was playing.

Talk about a small world, I was chatting to this man who looked vaguely familiar and had been listening to me play for a few songs. He introduced himself as the man who ran the Milk Bar across the road from the restaurant (DaNunzio's) that Mick Diamente and I performed at a few years ago. I told him that I had a track on the new CD 'Lonely Hearts' that was called "DaNunzio's" and that was enough for him to buy a copy. Like I said, a small world. We both traveled 3 hours from our homes to meet up and have a heap in common.

The festival reminded me a lot of the Port Fairy Folk Festival, just a bigger town, with a smaller, more intimate festival, just the way I like it: Acoustic friendly.

Me at the Queenscliff Music Festival taken by a young patron of the festival.