Goulburn Blues Festival 2001

Another big trip to Goulburn. I found it difficult to make an impression as a busker as there really wasn't any provision for them although I did spot a duo busking on one of the corners. They weren't acoustic though, they had an amplifier and I noticed the singer was using a hands free microphone.

The outside action was at Belmore Park where a semi was used as a stage facing market stalls set up in the rest of the gardens. I guess you could regard the semi as being a sort of up-market 'blackboard' concert where you had about 20 minutes to strut your stuff. The inside action was at the various clubs, pubs and cafe's close the CBD of Goulburn.

I started busking in front of 'The Rimbolin' on the Saturday and passed the audition and was promoted to play inside on the Sunday. Thankfully the weather was reasonable and not too hot so I wasn't stressed out by the heat. I was doing just fine on the Sunday playing to the patrons in the front of the cafe until Skip Sail (who had Bob Brozman doing a few songs in his set) caused the audience to all but evaporate for me. Bob had a bit of listen to my effort and even got a backward double-take as he was leaving when he must have asked himself "What Dobro is that?"

Received a lot of good feedback and even a double thumbs up from Skip Sail - so all was not in vain!

At the Rimbolin