Latrobe Valley Rhythm and Blues Blues Club (May 2001)

I'd spent the day riding up to the Thompson River Dam and Bennison Lookout, 30 km past Licola. By the time I arrived back in the Latrobe Valley I decided to drop in to the Merton Rush Hotel to catch the last of a Blues Jam put on by the Latrobe Valley Blues Club. I found a seat and sat next to a friend I hadn't seen in years. We were both trainees at the SECV in 1967. As I was catching up one of the organizers of the Jam asked me if I'd like to play a couple of songs to finish off the afternoon as they had to close at 6:00 pm. I said sure and Peter Grey offered me his guitar. I played 'Long Grey Mare' and 'Before You Accuse Me'. Sandy Clark and I traded slide solos. That was fun. Brought back the days of Earl Vince and the Valiants :) I'm glad I stopped by.