AusGrass 2001

Rode to Canberra to attend AusGrass 2001 on the motorbike and let me tell you it was rather cold :)

There was no international/national act this year, just us Bluegrass lovers ... so we put on our own show. I had a great time. Laurie Grundy as usual grabbed me and we played twice: Once on Saturday afternoon and lastly as the second last act on the Saturday evening concert.

Laurie's always having a 'go' at me because I use a plectrum and finger picks, (The plectrum uses up my thumb and index finger. The finger picks go on the middle and ring finger) instead of he usual thumb pick and finger picks. (The thumb pick uses the thumb oddly enough and the the finger picks go on the index and middle finger.) Laurie was teaching me the finer points of 'Fireball Mail' and we got to a point where I am playing a roll. Laurie looks a bit stunned and says "If I didn't know better I'd swear you had a thumb pick!". Well there you go: there is more than one way to "Skin a cat!"

Quenton Fraser certainly got a work out on the Double Bass ... Most valuable player for the weekend? Could be.

De Gruchy and Honda - What a team!

I had a most relaxing time enjoying the music and the friends I've built up over the years. Howard even got out his Dobro! keep up the practice ... you'll get there yet!