Latrobe Valley Rhythm and Blues Club (August 2001)

I rode to the Newborough Football Club rooms and didn't find the usual monthly Rhythm & Blues Club function. I did remember vaguely that Julie Wilson had told me that they would be at Yinnar this month, so I rode to Yinnar and heard the sounds of drumming coming from the Pub. Hmm, only one solution, had to be a Percussion group - Steve Schultz? Sure enough it was. Steve and three others pounding away.

I bought a drink (a Coke as I was riding) and sat down with Graeme and Pam, fellow Bikers. Now trust me, I had every intention of just being a fellow listener but that wasn't how it turned out. At Jam time (5:00 pm) a guitarist and harmonica player joined the Power House Blues Band and played a few songs. Then a young guy with dreadlocks (Odin as it turns out) gets up and joins them. He sounds good actually playing rhythm when he wasn't soloing. When it came his turn to solo he sure did - he was HOT!

Don't know who was on the left but either he's amazed at what I'm playing or wondering when I'm going to finish :)
Me, Ray Wooley behind me and Odin.
I don't know about you, but when I was younger I'm sure Strat's were bigger <G>

Peter Grey(Pedro) thought he'd better check the PA as it was feeding back a little and no one was at the controls. Peter looked back at me and raised his guitar to me implying "Want to play up there? Too hot for me :)" I got up, took his guitar and joined in and had a good time trading licks with Odin. Turns out this was Odin's first gig, WOW! Odin sure has a future in any band he joins.

Who says you have to play a Strat standing up?