Harrietville 2001

Rode to Harrietville with the Paul Beard Road-O-Phonic strapped to my back. I ended up taking the long way there via Healesville and Benalla as the weather heading East was wet and cold and I was sure there would be snow on the road at Mount Hotham. Long trip 500 km. Caught up with a lot of people and as usual made new friends. Caught up with the Davidsons, Laurie Grundy, Lindsay, Garry Brown and Quenton Fraser amongst others. One man from Melbourne was overjoyed to see me smiliing and shaking my hand vigorously. "Gee it's good to see you, someone told me that you died!" I assured him I was quite well :)

I was disappointed in that there weren't enough seats at any of the concerts - standing room only and even that was hard to find. I managed to get a 10 minute spot on Sunday afternoon and played two instrumentals and two songs that went over well. The rest of time I went sightseeing: Mount Beauty, Falls Creek, Mount Hotham and Mount Buffalo. The windy roads just great on a motorcycle.

I took the shorcut home via Dargo (on the recommendation of Allan davidson) and wouldn't you know it that roadworks were in progress. Much shorter trip though, 200 km shorter.