Latrobe Valley Rockers Trivea Night

Played at the annual Trivea Night for the Latrobe Valley Rockers that was held at the Traralgon Bowling Club. I was asked to sit in on Ian Bennet's table and had fun answering the questions. I must admit that some of the more modern questions and those with dates had me stumped. We came third, not bad given the obscure questions and the fact that Kevin Thompson's table was not handicapped. A couple of time I had to query the judges over their so called 'correct answers' and that got them scratching their heads :)

The format of the night was answer 3 lots of 12 questions and then I play for 20 minutes while the results are tabulated. There were four rounds of questions and this year included a famous faces quiz where you had to guess faces that were partially displayed and a list of about 20 objects that the people on each table had to produce like, a nail fie, cotton buds, etc. As an incentive, the first table to get their results in were given an extra point. There were quite a few races to the judges desk.

Like all of the nights I've played for the Rockers I had a great time. The club really gets into their dancing and that makes my job a lot easier. At the end of the night, they all showed their appreciation by clapping - Let me tell you, that does not happen very often!