Buchan Foothills Festival 2002

I was approached by the organising committee if I'd like to busk at the festival as I have done in previous 3 years. Sure I say, nice relaxing weekend. My usual spot is under the veranda of the Willow Cafe. Les always looked after me and it's a great spot. Out of the sun, wind and rain. What more could you ask for?

I played for about 4 hours on the Saturday and was looking forward to playing Sunday. I stopped at 6:00 and was given the "Hurry up your in my way" routine from a guy from the Willow Cafe trying to set up a table to book people in for the nights entertainmant. If I'd known I would have finished earlier.

I stayed at Lakes Entrance overnight as I'd left it too late to book accomodation in Buchan and that cost an arm and a leg as it's 'Peak Season' time. Even so I had a nice relaxing night after having dinner at Tres Amigo's and playing guitar in my room.

I was playing in Buchan from about 11:00 on the Sunday and watching a couple of muso's set up inside the Willow. They were setting up directly behind me. I thought to my self "This is going to be interesting." and it was. As they were doing their sound check I found that I couldn't hear a note that I was playing - Wonderful! They were starting at 1:00 to do a show and a CD launch. Clearly my time was numbered, so I packed up and drove home. As I was packing up a man familiar with the organising committee told me that there was a shortage of venues for all of the acts so it only makes sense to make use of whatever space is available. I guess the Festival has outgrown me. :(

Postscript: Les and the townfolk ended up at opposite ends of the community. Les left. From what I hear the only thing that's left of the Festival is the procession of Vintage and Historic vehicles. No music at all! In surfing terms I guess the wave has run its course!