Tamworth 2002

Well another Tamworth has been and gone. The best part of the festival would have to have been to cooler weather. The only reason I went back this year was beacuse I had a great time last year at Andrew Clermont's shows. This year Andrew reorganised the layout of theme's and handpicked who would be performing, leaving me feeling like I was actually intruding. (Maybe I was?)

As usual finding anywhere to play is like finding a needle in a haystack, I averaged one song per day, hardly worth the effort. I think I'll leave Tamworth to the professionals and wannabe's - I really don't want to be discovered, just have a fun time. My original intention for travelling to Tamworth years ago was to try and meet some of the 'Dobro' players and maybe learning a few techniques from them. Seems that they are flat out to get to the next gig to be sociable. Tamworth is too commercial for me. Oh well, it was fun for a time.

I do have to wonder about the direction Tamworth is taking. The German band performing outside Coles certainly didn't seem country. Must have been something to do with the leather shorts and electronic piano accordian. Phil Emmanuels tribute to 'The Shadows' also had me puzzled. I didn't know 'The Shadows' were a country band?