Bruthen Blues Bash 2002

I was booked as the opening act for the outdoor gigs on Saturday starting at 12:00. I had planned to perform a mixture of Acoustic and Electric Blues. But all that changed when the Magna chewed through the belt that runs the alternator and power steering. I didn't have time to repair the car, so I took the Paul Beard lap steel and a mini-disc player and rode up on the motorcycle and played an hour of various blues styles.

Me, my new T-Shirt design and the Paul Beard Road-O-Phonic
(Thanks to Ross for the pic)

I'm glad to report that concerts are being held in the main street again and there were heaps of people about as well as vendors and craft people - a great improvement on last years effort. Last year you could have driven through Bruthen and not even have known there was a Blues festival on. The Saturday night show at the Bruthen Inn was full to capacity and there was a real friendly feeling there - haven't felt that for awhile. Well done to the organisers, you've done a great job.

Attended a guitar workshop with Geoff Atchison and that was interesting. Geoffs playing style/technique is very strong rhythmically and full of notes and bass lines. I found it interesting that Geoff had difficulty explaning exactly what he was doing to the people attending the workshop. Geoff seemed most comfortable explaining things by example and not in a technical sense. I must admit I can relate. Over the years people have asked if I give lessons and I always reply with a no. I just play what comes naturally to me and that is almost impossible to pass on in words. Now I'm not comparing my style with Geoffs, we have different approaches, we just have the same difficulty explaing what we do :)

I caught up with a lot of people I haven't seen for awhile both musically, socially and fellow motorcyclists and that was good. I'm really glad to say that I had a good experience for a change.

Postscript: This performance marks the completion of a goal I had set many years ago: To become accomplished enough to play a set of all slide guitar. Today was that day. I sure have progressed a long way.