AusGrass 2002

I usually spend the whole weekend at AusGrass but wasn't able this year due to a gigs on Friday and Saturday. I drove up to Canberra Sunday arriving at 3:30 pm just in time to say goodbye to everyone. I assumed that the usual Sunday night send off gig (which isn't quite BlueGrass) was still on. Howard told me that there is a new management team looking after the site this year and they charge like a wounded buffalo. There was no way that Sunday could go ahead as it would just cost too much. Very disappointing. So much for the big effort! (Howard was not smiling.)

I decided that I might as well just head for home as I'd be home around 11:00 and I'll save myself the cost of a Motel room and be able to go to work the next day. I stopped at Cooma for petrol and noticed steam coming up from under the bonnet. Uh Oh! Not a good sign. And so it proved to be. I could see water being pushed out of the head onto the water pump pulley spraying water everywhere. That's it for tonights travelling. Booked into the nearest Motel and stayed the night.

Up next morning and took the car to the Mitsubishi dealer. Seems a welch plug had rusted through. I'm really glad it happened when it did as I could have been on the road with no water and stranded between towns. I was just a bit disappointed as I'd just had the car serviced on Friday and they hadn't noticed anything amiss. So much for preventative maintenance :)