Catchup Time

I had a night off, so I thought I'd see what the old team was doing. I rang up 'Buck' Ingleton and asked for Llyod Pooles whereabouts. 'Buck' gave me his number and added that he was playing in Cranbourne tonight. I said I'd probably drop in.

Rang Lloyd and found that he was performing at the Amstel Golf Club. Perfect both gigs in the same town.

Rode to Cranbourne and went to the Amstel Golf Club first and found Lloyd in the Members Lounge already setting up and talking with two fans. I joined them and we chatted for awhile until Lloyd had to start. Lloyd uses a lap top computers to play MP3 files through a JBL speaker system, nice sound. I stayed for the first bracket and then wished Lloyd all the best and headed off to the Cranbourne Town Hall. I was expecting somthing bigger and nearly drove past it. Ah, just like the old days of Noggins & Bats and Pyramid and the 'Old Time Circuit' 'Buck' always was the master of all those dances I'd never heard of before and as usual started the songs off at the right tempo and rhythm. I haven't seen Terry Cupples for ages, good to see them, even if I didn't have a chance to chat with them.

The two gigs were like chalk and cheese. Llyods gig was a fairly typical restaurant job, where you played soothing, quiet, background music while the patrons dined at their tables. It's quite a nack to play smoothly so that it doesn't upset the gastronomic pleasure of the diners. 'Buck's' gig was work, work, work! The bands name is 'Detour', a five piece, with two guitars, bass, drums and saxophone/clarinet. Lots of harmonies and having a female singer in the band certainly breaks up the sound. Ah the days when you played in a group of muso's instead of playing with a MIDI box by yourself!
Terry said they had a break at 10:30, which unfortunately was a bit too late for me to wait for. I wanted to get home before the frost appears. The bands routine was to play a set of perhaps four songs, have a few minutes break, if that, and then into the next dance. Having a board on the stage with the next 5 dances on it really set the scene back to the 'old days' :) Haven't seen that in ages. Sort of like the hymn numbers on the wall at church. Glad I made the effort.

Postscript: I guess this is the way to make money and be employed: Be commercial!