Pickin' at the Piggery - August 2003

Made the trip to the Footscray Arts centre for the monthly Pickin' at the Piggery night. I decided that I'd do a set on the Blackboard Concert, but do it in a more comfortable style. The resophonic slide has quite a wonderful sound which can be appreciated the most by the player of the instrument, as that is the way the sound emanates from the instrument. I decided that I wanted to share the sound with the audience, so I sneaked in my busking gear and played electrified, albeit at a wonderfully low level. I performed 5 songs: "In The Jailhouse Now", "Crossroads", "Changing Channels" and "Your Are My Sunshine"

I'm happy that this time I was able to share the "SOUND" of a resophonic slide in all its splendor with the audience.
Mission accomplished!

P.S. The MC was rather mystified as to how I managed to get my mini-PA into the performance room. The secret is to be there FIRST!