Moe RSL and a 60th Birthday

Played Moe RSL Friday night and had a few of the 'Old School' in the audience: Rennie Jones, Karl Loehr and Murray Saunders along with their spouses and friends. They had warned me that they were bringing score cards to judge my performance. In the end it came to a beer coaster with 10/10 on it as it came time for them to leave.

Played a 60th Birthday at the Trafalgar Golf Club and was pleased to receive a "Well Done" from quite a few people including the Manager. The MC and I had an arrangement where she would draw her finger across her throat as a signal for me to stop and put on a speech. After the speech she'd give me the thumbs up message for start up again. I took it all in good faith although some people thought that was a bit poor and that I deserved a bit more respect.