Rainbow Bridge - Jimi Hendrix

Video Ezy had a sale on Video Cassettes and DVD's, so I thought I'd go and have a look. Heaps of stuff I didn't know, BUT, Rainbow bridge caught my eye. I've been a Hendrix fan since the first time I heard him and found that I didn't have a great deal of difficulty playing his music, so that was a plus. I related to his attitude of "Hey, it sounds good, enjoy it!" I'd bought the LP when it came out and noted its different style to past releases (Mainly the use of effects), but it was still good.

The DVD is another story itself. Quite hopeless in its drop-out/drug/alien-beings plot. Not sure how Jimi Hendrix got involved in all of this. but who cares, there are some really good scenes of him playing and that's why I bought the DVD.

I like the bits where:

He tries to explain the story behind a song and finally admits "Hey, even I don't know what it's about!"

The way he uses his thumb to cover quite a few frets to get double octave effects.

The way he holds the plectrum between his 3rd and 4th fingers while he uses his thumb and index finger to strum/pick the strings.

The way he bends the neck of the guitar to get tremelo effects. (Are you listening TE!)

If you don't like the performance then you're too hard to please!