A Band Gig?
Well Yes, it has been awhile.

Karl Loehr gave me call a few weeks ago with the offer to fill in lead guitar for a gig they have coming up. I had a quick think about the offer and accepted. It's been over ten years since I've done a band gig, why not, it's only for one night.

Rehearsal, ah yes, I remember that word, haven't done it for ages. I enjoyed learning songs that I haven't played before and bringing in songs they other guys haven't played before. The perfect oportunity to try out the lap slide Telecaster. Not a bad sound at all and the perfect thing for a band situation. Since I'm not singing all the time I have to chance to exeriment, a definite plus.

The line up is: Karl Loehr on Bass/Vocals, Murray Saunders on Guitar/Vocals, Garry Downs on drums, and last but not least, me on Guitar/Slide/Vocals.

Garry brought along his digital camera to one rehearsal and the following pics are the result. Not really sure why I'm left handed in two of the pics though :)



We played the gig at the Stockyard located at the Rawson Caravan Park on the 1st of November 2003. We all had a pretty good time. I'm quite happy with the tele-slide, very powerful solo instrument. Another string for my bow.

We had a full house and our 'kiddies' bracket went over well, more so with the Mum's than the children :)

Rennie Jones sang three songs in a feature segment half way through the night and had the dancers getting into it.

I played the gig solo a week ago and had room to move, not so this time, we all had to breathe in.

I remembered how loud it used to be playing in a band and found that things haven't changed much, it's still loud. The up side is that performing with real people sure beats a MIDI player.