Tamworth 2004

Well, I've reached the proverbial "Straw that broke the Camels back" situation.

I made the trip with the hope of playing a song or two at Andrew Clermont's 'Slide Night'. Yes, it was a close thing. I approached Andrew and he said check witch Garry Brown who was doing the second hour of the night. I checked with Garry and found that Andrew ad been given extra artists to support in his section of the night,which left me out in the cold.

Enough is enough. I took three days leave from work, travelled 3,000 km, paid over $1,000 in accomodation for 10 minutes of their time and find that I didn't make the grade. I'd have to be severely handicapped to not realise that I just don't make the grade.

So as a consequence - I'm retiring. No more dashed hopes and relying on charity. I have more fun on the motorcycle, so that's where I'm going to concentrate my activities.

P.S. Read my ride report on the Tamworth trip - apart from the above I had a great time.