Penninsula Country Music Club

Murray Saunders told me of a low stress gig where everyone was friendly. Yup, sounded too good to be true. Murray had been told me of the monthly get together of the Penninsula Country Music Club at Rye Civic Hall on the Mornington Penninsula that happens on the second Sunday of each month, and asked if I was interested in going. I said sure, I'll give it a go. Murray told me that I'd most likely be playing all afternoon, I wasn't so sure.

Murray picked me up at 9:30 and I navigated the back way through Longwarry, Kooweerup, etc.

I thought I may get a few songs, as it was layed out as a Blackboard Concert - three songs each! As I explained to lady organising the blackboard that I'b be playing with Murray and his friend Kath. The lady said that we'd all have to cut back to two songs each. OK, fine by me.

I was asked up by the first performer and ended up plaing for an hour and a half when an organised break arrived. Phew, lots of playing, but that was good. I was able to sit back and back someone else up while I played a solo or two here and there. Just the place I'm looking for. A place where I can hone my slide skills.

I only played two songs in my set, as most of the there patrons line dancing and I didn't want to cut into their time.

We went until 4:30 and I must say I had a good time.

Next time I'm driving :)