Hamish Davidson's 21st

Hamish has been inviting me for years to his birthdays and I always happen to have a gig on the same date. Same thing happened this year, but I was determined to make this year different and attend.

I had to be in Swan Reach for a 50th birthday, so I showed up at Hamish's party at 3:00, set up and play the first set and pack up again. I did half on the Slide and half on the Stratocaster. Set off for the Swan Reach gig and finished up at 11:30. packed up by 12:00 and I'm on my way home. Hamish told me that they'd be playing late, so I kept going and ended up playing guitar for the last set. Finally got to bed at 4:00 am. I was tired, but it was a good, full day.

Managed to get a few words with Laurie Grundy now that he has his voice back. Pity the timing didn't work out well. As I was leaving in the afternoon, Laurie had just arrived. When I arrived back in the morning Laurie had just finishing his last song and then disappeared. Maybe next time?