The Who - Melbourne

Well, I took the plunge and invested $200 for a Gold Seat at Vodaphone Arena to see The Who. From the moment the guys came on stage my expectations at seeing the band were dashed. All the losers in front of me (I was in the last row) stood for the whole show, restricting my view of the band to a little below their chins. Losers is almost too kind for the way these Melbourne fans behaved, they would have to be most selfish bunch of people I have ever seen.

I stood up on my seat to get a better (normal) view but was immediately told to sit down by the security staff. Sheesh! For $100 I could have had a seat perhaps 10 metres further back in the cheaper section where you could see everything. No windmills from Townshend and no microphone spinning for me, I just had to use my imagination to join the dots. Most disappointing. I won't be fooled again!

Moving on to more positive things, the music was very good and the the light show even better.