Tailpiece Failure

I had just set up the PA and everything else and had just put the Road-O-Phonic on my lap when I heard a loud bang. "That's not a good start to the night" I'm thinking. All of the strings were loose and for a moment I thought the cone had failed. On closer inspection I found that the tailpiece and fractured, there was no way I'm playing slide tonight. I sadly put the guitar away and got out the Strat and finished off the night.

I got to bed around 2:00 am and was going through the Paul Beard catalouge and located the tailpiece section. Since it's so late on this side of the world it must be Friday morning in Hagerstown, so I phoned them up and was greeted by a most pleasnt man whose name I didn't catch. I explained the situation and was very surprised to find that they'll replace the tailpiece for me free of charge. I'm really most impressed, that's wonderful service.