Tsunami Concert

As part of the fund raising effort for the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami, a couple of brave people from Callignee got together to put together a band concert to raise funds. Things escalated to the point the the activity was included in the official Latrobe City's Australia Day activities, being held in Victory Park in Traralgon.

I was fortunate enough to be involved not only once as a performer, but three times!

I was approached very early in the planning to perform and of course I agreed. Later on I was called upon the help out Rennie Jones with her set. And on the day as I was buying an ice cream (Hey, it was 38 degrees Celsius), Peter Gray from the Power House Blues Band jumped on a throw away comment from me that would he mind if I sat in on slide on their set. No sooner had I finished speaking than Peter yelled out "Done!"

I don't know who was the operator of the PA, but he did a tremendous job with the sound, most enjoyable.

The solo set went a bit longer than planned and was encouraged to play 'One more' by the Stage Manager quite a few times, making my set time 60 minutes - most generous. My original set was supposed to be 45 minutes, generous in itself.

The Rennie Jones set was a bit more difficult as my guitar was mixed very low in the foldback and I had to guess where to play by looking at the fretboard as I just couldn't hear myself. Later on I managed to get the foldback level increased to a level that could hear myself. (Later on I was told the the 'Front of House Mix' was very good and I could be heard. I still felt most uncomfortable on stage.

I particularly enjoyed the set with Power House Blues Band. Peter Gray created an image of a lot of players being added to the core group. As it turned out there was only four of us: Peter Gray on guitar, Kevin Pocknee on drums and Rob Boothman on bass, I thin Peter was glad there was another soloist to help him out.

The part I most enjoyed was playing on the Telecaster that I'd modified for slide playing. As I usually perform solo I just don't have the time to think through solo parts. Today I wasn't the focus of the set and I played some really nice things that I would have thought was beyond me ability. I stretched myself beyond my normal playing to play some really nice backups and solos. I thought I'd plateued slide wise, but I'm happy to say I haven't.

I'm really glad to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the concert!

First part of my solo set - Playing on the Paul Beard lap slide

Second part of my solo set - Rocking it up on the Stratocaster

The people that put the concert together titled this pic as 'Reclining nude with clothes'
The facts are that there weren't any vacant chairs to be found and this trolley was, hence the pose.
Taken while relaxing and waiting for the Powerhouse Blues Band set.

Same comments as above, but trying to smile.

Rennie and Friends
Pity Rennie Jones wasn't in this pic, but this was her backing band.
Carl Loeher on bass, John Wherner on bass, Murray Sanders on guitar, Michael Dickson on drums, Tanya Fox on keyboards and me.

Same as above but with Rennie Jones

Jamming with the Power House Blues Band.
Peter Gray on guitar, Kevin Pocknee on drums, Rob Bothman on bass and me, on a Telecaster lap slide.

I'd like to remind anyone who view these pictures, that everyone, and I mean everyone gave their time for gratis! Personally I'd like to give a big thanks to the the people reponsible for the stage, lights and the PA. They were very professional. All we had to do was show up and ask for things to be changed and they were. Most impressed. From my point of view, the most comfortable concert I have ever performed at.