I had a gig at Moe RSL tonight and was running a little late as I had to work back. Rushed home, had a quick dinner, loaded up the car and made the trip to Moe RSL. I had a bad feeling when I saw a car with a trailer parked against the wall, that's a bad sign. I consoled myself by noting that the monthly jazz night was on, nothing to worry about. Picked up my guitars, walked in through the front door and as I turned the corner to enter the members area the worst of my fears were realised. There on the stage was local duo 'Bak to Bak' setting up!

I put my guitars down and went to find the manager. From what I gathered from everyone I spoke to, apart from 'Bak to Bak', had the same story: It was my gig. My name was in the book, my name was on the official events poster and the patrons were expecting me to be there. So what gives?

I approached Dale from 'Bak to Bak' who informs me that they've had the gig since last year. The manager wasn't rostered on tonight so a lot of phone calling went on. No one from Moe RSL knew what to do and opted for the safe option.

After a bit of negotiation the result was that since 'Bak to Bak' had already set up they might as well do the gig. Very disappointing.

P.S. I found out that the manager would be back Sunday evening, so I made a point of having a meeting with him. The result was that yes, you were supposed to play, you didn't, we paid 'Bak to Bak', so you'll have a bit more in your pay next time you perform. "Oh, and by the way, I'm taking your next booking off you as well." continued the manager. "We're keen to get a band here and the only time we can book them is the same date as your next gig, so bad luck!"

P.S.S. The manager asked me to get in touch with Karl to confirm the Flashback gig. I contacted Karl who contacted the manager and everything was confirmed, no problems. I find out last night at practice that Moe RSL have cancelled the next Flashback gig as well.

What's going on?

Moe RSL is becoming unreliable and unprofessional.