"Johnny Pops"?

Played at the Yarragon Pub and it was an afternoon to remember.

A few numbers into the gig and four young women, who were in the main bar, came in and sat down and got into 'Party mode'. Every time I'd finish a song they'd all break into applause and shouting encouragment. They certainly livened up the afternoon.

One of the ladies called out to me "Pops, that's great." We all had a laugh and so it went for the rest of the gig. After the gig I went over to their table to thank them for their effort. Turns out the ladies are celebrating a school reunion and have 'met in the middle' - Yarragon. They were just out to have a good time for the weekend. The other three ladies apologised for the "Pops" comment, which was nice. Seems the lady who made the comment got a bit tipsy last night and saw my poster in the window: John Mazur - Pop and Blues, and got the words around wrong. No harm done.

Maybe I should register the name?