'Coal Country Creekers'

or, is it
'Coal Country Creakers'

or, maybe
'Coal Country Croakers'

or, simply the
'3 C's'?

It's about time I did something musically to occupy my mind, and one of the above names may just be the vehicle.

I've known of Hans Visser for some time, but was never introduced formally until we traded music at the 'Last Sunday of the Month at Boolarra Pub' function. We both recognised we could have a bit of fun together musically, that has a bit more depth than just playing the same tired old songs we play each month. 'Depth' may be the wrong noun to describe what we are trying to do. I really like the trio format, where there is 'room' between the instruments. Yes, there are only two of us, but if we can track down a double bass player, well then there would be three.

We've nearly landed a gig at the Boolarra Festival next March, so with that as a focus, we are putting our combined heads together to create a 20 minute set of songs.

The vision is to keep the band acoustic, play music that most other people don't play, and, have fun!

Hans plays an assortment of instruments: Banjo, Mandolin and Metal Bodied Resonator in 'D' tuning. While I play 'normal' guitar, I really want to focus on acoustic lap steel guitar (commonly referred to as Dobro style) in standard 'G' tuning. As we become more adventurous I may use other instruments.

Hans has challenged me with some standard Bluegrass tunes, but I'm sure I can un-standardise them :)