While I was performing at the country music event, John Wehrner asked if I'd be interested in performing live on the radio. I said that would be great. I'd formed the impression this was some weeks away, but no, Hans Visser phones me up on Tuesday and said we can hit the air waves this Thursday. Hans asked me to confirm this with John Wehner. We also work out a set list of five songs. Somehow I'd formed the notion that John would be playing bass with us which would have been a real bonus. I called John and about ten minutes into the conversation John informs me, no, it's just Hans and I. Oh, that's a bit sad.

We show up a half an hour early and find passing the security system a rather technical process. Once we are inside we find the presenter of the show hasn't arrived yet, so Hans and I take out our instruments and tune up and go over a few ideas.

A few minutes before the show is due to start the presenter arrives and takes over the desk with his running partner. No indication of what they expect from us, so we wait. About fifteen minutes into the show we are invited in and quickly get comfortable before we start off with a few songs. I'd cleverly left the words to the songs I was to sing outside, so I did slightly shorter versions of the songs :) The presenter didn't seem to want a background to the group and fairly promptly asked for more songs, so we obliged.

All was over for us in about thirty minutes and we were out.

As usual, I'd envisioned a different scenario to what actually occurred. I'd expected a rather more laid back affair, not such a block structure. I guess I should ask more questions.

We mentioned are coming up performance at the Boolarra Folk Festival and maybe we'll be asked back in the future. Who knows?

Sort of a strange night.

Hans and I will defiantly have to work on a larger repertoire of songs.