LV Rhythm & Blues Club - March 2006

Stopped in after a bike ride and managed to get to play a few songs as the final act on the electric lap slide. As they say 'Never say never', another bracket of two songs was arranged as the result of patrons requesting songs from John Revellje. So as any good entertainer would do 'On with the show'

Yes, it's not the greatest picture, but the best my mobile phone could manage.
For those with a vivid imagination, from left to right, Peter Gray, John Revellje and Carl Radford.

John still 'Has It!' as far as an entertainer is concerned. The new breed of entertainers would do well to take a few notes out of John's book.

As a surprise (for me) Peter Gray approached me and asked if I'd like to be part of the annual Blues festival as the opening act. I quickly accepted. Gee, I'm going to have to practice again :) Apparently I have a forty minute set. I think I'll be doing a part acoustic/part electric act.

Thanks to the club for the offer, I appreciate it.

P.S. John Revellje came up to me after his set and almost pleaded with me to not give the music away. I said I'd put in a fair effort for the Blues festival, after that I'm not so sure.

P.S.S. After I arrived home I looked into bookings list and found that I already have a gig on the 8th of April. Now that's a shame as it would have been great fun being part of the festival. Maybe next year?