As you can by the sign, I was performing at the Yarragon Hotel.

I'd played the previous night a Seaford at a really good 60th birthday party, but boy was I tired after arriving home at 3:00 am. The patrons at Yarragon were talking amongst themselves in the area where I was performing, so I played an hour and a half of Instrumentals followed by half an hour of Old Time. Maggie, the proprietor commented "Feeling a bit lazy today?" As you can see I'm advertised as Pop and Blues, well today was something that suited the occasion.

The bill board outside the Yarragon Hotel.

There's a trend amongst Hotels and other places that have entertainment to put 'Open Mic' gigs. They are a good place to check out the local and sometimes not so local talent. The event brings a lot of musicians and their friends along so it's a real social occasion.

Pasted up on the window of the Yarragon Hotel bottleshop.
(Nothing like reusing a sign :) )

P.S. Attended the Split Enz concert at Rod Laver Arena on the 11/06/2006 and was not disappointed, they put on a great nights of entertainment. This is the first time I've seen them perform as a band, having seen Tim and Neil Finn and various other lineups. Everyone shon on this night. The entertainment highlights for me were both Noel Crombie: A spoons set and a Jimi Hendrix impression. Very funny.