3GCRFM - Beatlemania

The local FM station, 3GCRFM, was having a fundraiser in support of the station. The theme was Beatlemania.

At the lunch room where I work, I noticed a sheet of paper with an envelope attached. It was for making donations to the station. I tracked down the man responsible and asked if they'd like some live music on the same theme. He replied that that would be good and gave me the contact number of Ken Thompson who has a lot to do with the station (Director, announcer, etc.)

I rang Ken and he was more than happy to have me perform some Beatle songs live to air. I needed to be at the station at 8:30 pm Saturday night.

Arrived a few minutes before and found the place buzzing with Beatles music. Not only the originals, but cover band material as well. Ralf Koss and Greg Hansford were hosting a 'Ringo half hour'. I just waited around until I was needed and ended up staying for about two hours.

My contributions was in two parts:

  1. Being interviewed about the Beatles.
    Well I owe it all to the Beatles that I took up playing guitar at all. They were my inspiration. Ralf and Greg asked about 'the old days' and my favourite songs, etc. Greg had done a heap of research and had some very obscure material at hand.

  2. Performing songs live to air.
    I backed myself with an acoustic Maton guitar and just sang into the microphone.
    In the song "I'll Get You", everybody at the station came into the studio where I was performing and helped out with the handclaps and well as applause, etc at the end of each song. Good fun.

I had heard that Peter Calabro was going to perform in the afternoon, but was unable because the flu had laid him low. That's a pity as Peter does some rather interesting arrangements of songs.