Harrietville Bluegrass Convention 2006

Found the time to travel to the 18th Harrietville Bluegrass Convention.

I took four days this time to give Rita and I plenty of time. We left on the Friday and came back on the Monday. We stayed at the Tudor Village in Bright. Very, very nice accommodation.

The musical highlights would have to be:

We didn't limit ourselves to the the convention but also took in the sights. Try as we may, we just weren't able to see any wildlife. No Kangaroo's, Emu, Wallablies, etc. Yes, there was roadkill, but that doesn't count.

The biggest problem we faced was the cars transmission. It was slow to engage and changed gears at the most inappropriate times. Monday morning I went to the R.A.C.V. and asked them to have a look at it. I was told that the fluid level needed to be topped up with two and a half litres of fluid! I fear I have a problem in the making as I've used that volume of fluid in two thousand kilometres.