Mt Baw Baw Music Festival
February 17th and 18th

Drove the car to Mt Baw Baw after work on Friday and took my meager possesions with me.

I arrived around 8:30 pm and set up camp at Kelly's, the people running the festival. Glenda and Simon (Basic Ingredients) had set up their P.A. at one ond of the restaurant area and carried out something akin to an Open Mic. I didn't join in as I was quite happy watching other people work. I ordered a Ned's Revenge pizza and a garlic bread for dinner. I didn't finish either, I just wasn't that hungry. Later in the evening Fiona and Dave joined in for a few numbers.

Hit the sack around midnight.

Arrived at Kellys around 9:00 am and had raisin toast and tea for breakfast, most civilised.

Hans had set up base at the Fiddlers Festival at Yarra Junction and was commuting between sites. He had a bit of a scare Friday night as a fire was started by lightning a few kilometres from where he was camped. Hans told me that the helicopters made short work of the fire.

Our set started at 12:30 and took a little bit of time to set up as we had four vocal and four instrumental mics to balance.

We'd worked out a set list and were playing to it when we were suddenly asked play one more song, we were only half way through. It seems that an earlier act had not shown up on time and as a result we were cut short to get the acts back on time. We didn't complain, just played our last song and left the stage. As we were packing up, we heard that a later act wouldn't be appearing, so we actually could have played longer, as the remaining acts had a lot of time to kill and had to 'pad out' their sets.

Drove home around 4:00pm and was knocked out by how hot it was.

Up at 9:00am, had breakfast and set off for Mt Baw Baw, lovely weather for a ride. I arrived at 11:30am and was quickly informed that we were 'ON'! Last night I was told we had a 12:00pm gig. Seems in the interim, that our set had been moved forward half an hour. How convenient. The act before us was performing their last song, so I just ambled down to the stage in time to set up.

Our set went quickly and all too soon it was over.

Hans, Dave and Fiona then set off to enjoy the remaining embers of the Fiddlers Festival.

I took the longer route home through Noojee and Nilma. I stopped at Neerim South for a drink and an ice cream. Summer has arrived, it's hot!

Well there you have it, our first live gig.

As the result of the gig, and a lot of thought, I have decided that the band wasn't just floating. Personally I was having trouble just coping with the pace of some of the songs. We did practice long and hard for the festival, but I could feel that I wasn't physically up to what was required. I do suffer from Tendonitis and that was starting to raise its ugly head. As a result, I have reluctantly submitted my resignation. That's a real pity, as the group did have great potential as well as a real Double Bass.