Gippsland Acoustic Music Club
25th Anniversary

I'd received a newsletter from the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club (GAMC) inviting me for a get together to celebrate 25 years of the club.

I haven't patronised the club for quite a number of years and thought "Hey, why not? Things could be better, not to mention catching up with people.

I rode the bike out and had a look around. At 3:00, not very many people, just 'The Core' of the club, as always seems to be the case. I asked about what was planed and received the response that nothing was planned. Invitaions had been sent out (the newsletter) and anyone could turn up at anytime. That sounds like a plan. Seems the evenings entertainment is going to ba a 'One Song Wonder' format with repeats when the all the artists have played one song. Didn't seem too attractive to me. Regardless, I rode home, loaded up the slide gear and drove back.

When I arrived I could hear the music playing. So I made my way into the little hall to find a circle of people playing songs. As should have been expected the music had a heavy Celtic presence. Wonderful! Some things will never change. I just found a chair and nearly dozed off.

At 6:00, the session was halted, so dinner could be served. Patty O'Dowd and I had a bit of a one sided chat for awhile. Kate walks past us and asks if we want to be on the performance blackboard. Patty agreed, but I didn't. I wanted do a small set, not just one song. One song is just a complete waste of time and effort from where I'm standing. I confirmed with Kate that the format didn't suit me. I collected my gear and drove home.

Hey, I came, I saw, I wandered! Pity some things don't change.