George Harrison

I had an invitation from Tony Marino to travel down to his house for a jam with George Harrison!

Now that's pretty hard to refuse.

Well, not really George Harrison, but the person who plays as George Harrison in the tribute band "The Fab Four". Still too good to refuse.

I didn't catch his last name, but his first name is Daniel and he really has immersed himself in the role George played in The Beatles and other Beatle music.

Daniel mostly played on a Gretch and had most of those authentic tones and licks down pat. He also played bass and piano, and, to top it off, sang as well. Very impressive. I won't bring up the age difference, but, he would have to have been half our age.

We 'jammed' for most of Saturday afternoon and evening and covered a vast section of The Beatles catalogue and Daniel never looked out of his depth.

I would have liked to spend a bit more time chatting with Daniel, but that wasn't to be.