Churchill Festival 2008

I was invited to perform at this years Churchill Festival held at Gaskin Park.

Lots and lots of activities.

Peter Grey was looking after the P.A. and was the general gopher including resident D.J. for the L.V. Rockers.

The act before me was the L.V. Rockers and they did it tough. Dancing on the grass in 35 degree heat with no shade. They did a great job.

I brought along my acoustic lap steel guitar (Paul Beard) and played away for about an hour. I kept asking Peter how many more songs I had to go to complete my set, to which he'd reply "Keep going!"
I managed to drink more than half of the bottle of water I had brought with me. I was in the shade and had a nominally cool breeze blow across me. Luxury.

Peter did a great job with the sound arriving at a more than pleasant balance of sounds after twidling those knobs. A real pleasure to have someone with 'ears' behind the mixer.

The act after me was a trio named "Al 'N' Rick". Huh? They're a trio? Maybe they suffer from the 'Two musicians and a drummer syndrome'?


The new me!
Taken by Ian Bennet of L.V. Rockers fame. *

* The new look

Yes, you deserve an explanation for the radical change in my appearance.

I offered my facial and cranial hair to the cause of raising money for the 'Worlds Greatest Shave' Leukemia foundation.

Look, there's a million plus foundations/charities etc, out there all after your dollar. Who do you choose to support? Which is a worthy charity?

I work for a company named Sage Technology (ST) and noticed all the antics that went on last year. This year I said that I would offer my locks if they could raise a certain amount. I know what it's like raising money and it's a thankless job, all dictated by the whim of the donor. Well that's not good enough for me. My offer was simple: "Raise $1,000.00 in donations and I'll be in it!" The donors need a target to aim for rather some nebulous donation that they scratch out of petty cash if they have any over after buying lunch.

This proved to be a novel approach and was fortunately embraced by the employees of ST and the amount was raised.

In the end there was four of us including the Managing Director of ST and we raised in excess of $2,000.00. Fantastic.

I've had lots of comments, all of them positive, although some think the change a little drastic. I even had some people not recognise me at all and then a few hours later sheepishly walk over to me and appologise for not recognising me.

A lot of people comment that "You look younger!" Well, I'll take any compliment I am offered.