Country Music

Long time followers of me may shake their heads and say "He's Lost It!", but that's not quite the case.

In my search of a venue to perform at that is friendly, I have found two venues that are nearly a one hundred percent fit:

  1. The 'Country Club' that runs every two weeks and is mainly located at the Dutch Club in Morwell: Wombats.
  2. The 'Outback Club' that also runs every two weeks and is located at the Rossmore Hotel in Yallour North.

Fortunately the events run one after the other so that ther is no conflict in dates.

The Country Club

I'm in the 'House Band' as Bass player, except when there's another Bass player performing, and then I play lap steel.

This event is more traditional in the sense that there is no drummer and has a Blackboard/Open Mic concert concept to it. Anyone is welcome.
To top it off, there is a traditional 'Supper'. Yes, the old time concept of bringing a cake or whatever to share with people.

The concept of 'Australian Bush Music' is alive here, especially through the work of Bob Cooper.

Lately even unaccompanied Bush poety is read.

The Club runs a fundraising event once a month at the Rosedale Pub.

The Outback Club

I am in the 'House Band' as lead guitarist and have a more hands on role. At points in the night I am featured and perform a set of six songs or so, except when I'm the last act on and the last song is not really the case.

This event is more Pub based, with an expectation by trhe patrons of dance music being played. This event is a lot louder having a drummer.

I enjoy the events for the following reasons: