Catching Up - Sandy Clark

I turned up for 'The Outback Club' at Yallourn North and was most surprised to find Sand Clark amongst the musicians! You have no idea how hard it is to get Sandy to commit to anything and to actually have in perform at the same gig that you're at is a rare occurrence, akin to seeing a 'Blue Moon'!

As it turned out there were a few gaps in the evenings list of performers and Sandy fitted the bill perfectly. Not quite Country, but close enough.

The next night I was performing at the Red Parrot which is located in Noojee. I knew that Brian was having trouble contacting Sandy, so I asked Sandy if he'd like to come along tomorrow night. Sandy quickly agreed and it looks like two good gigs in two nights.

Picked up Sandy on the way to Noojee and set up. We were a little challenged for space as Brian was only expecting one performer, but with a quick relocation of tables and we had enough room to breath. I was running a little late, but the patrons didn't mind. I started out on slide guitar, as that was how the event was advertised and then moved on to electric guitar - A Fender Telecaster. Sandy moved in and out of performing as the night progressed but that was fine. One moment he would be there, the next he wouldn't. What's new? Brian wanted us to play his Telecaster so Sandy did the honours.

I'd forgotten what it was like to perform in a restaurant venue and the very quiet start was a bit of a challenge. When you could nearly reach out and touch the closest table I'm sure you'll understand. By the end of the night I had patrons up dancing, always a good sign. The patrons weren't in any mood to go, so Brian indicated 'Last Number' around 11:30 pm and we played a classic and stopped for the night.

A really good couple of gigs.

We may do more togther as a duo when the cycles coincide one day :)